Thursday, May 31, 2012

Regulation Exam!


Yesterday I finally sat for the Regulation section of the CPA exam.  I have mixed feelings about my performance, as I usually do.  Sometimes when I think about it I feel somewhat confident and other times I feel completely unsatisfied in my performance.  The only good(?) news is, due to the new scoring policy, I should find out my score in a week or so!  This is good because I won't have to wait a month + of agony checking and refreshing the NASBA website every hour/day until the scores come out.   As I take a deep sigh, I pray that I passed this section since it's my last.  If not, I have to retake in July and pass otherwise I will lose credit for FAR and possibly AUD, which would literally KILL ME.  

My comments that I will share about the test are: I studied and knew bankruptcy fairly well--not one question on bankruptcy, the simulations had a fair amount on charitable contributions which was vague and I did not remember from my studies, there was little on corporations and a lot of emphasis on partnership and partner basis, contracts and UCC were present but not too heavily tested.  Overall, the MCQ did not seem outrageously hard but the SIMS were pretty tricky.  I keep getting nervous that my performance on the first test-let was not great which is why the MCQ didn't seem that hard (meaning I rec'd the "medium difficulty" version rather than the "stronger difficulty" one thus requiring me to answer more with accuracy to receive a passing mark).  Bottom line, I over-think everything.  I can't keep thinking about.  One week from now (hopefully) I will have my score, good or bad.  Until then there is nothing I can do but wait.  I've decided today, if I pass REG I am taking a vacation this summer although it won't be the most financially responsible decision since I am saving to move towards the end of the summer.  I figure if I pass, I will treat myself.  The last 2 years have been torturous and I definitely deserve it.  If I happen to fail have to retake REG, I will pass on the vacation and commit myself to studying yet again, and treat myself at a later date.  Wish me luck! I will update you all on the news in a week or so =)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 Update!

Hi All!
Happy Thursday!  So it's been a while since I've last posted and I thought a post was definitely due even though I am in the midst of a busy tax season and it isn't even March yet! I just wanted to share my passing score of 83 on my last exam, BEC which I took early January 2012.  This means one more left until the big CPA designation will be mine!  The waters aren't all smooth sailing here forth because of the next few busy months at the office but I am determined to have Regulation passed by early-mid summer.  The only other dilemma is August 1st, 2012 is my 18 month cutoff! So, I plan to test Regulation in late may and again in July.  It's not guaranteed I will receive my score before July and in the event I do not pass, I need to have a July date etched in stone.  I am praying that my May testing will be good to me otherwise the stress will definitely be felt come July. In any event, it's been a long road, but being 75% towards the finish line feels GREAT! Please share your stories of hardship, success, and how you've been able to overcome the hurdles and obstacles that have been thrown your way!  Have a great day and upcoming weekend all :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Good morning! Here's a little reading material for you all while you anxiously await scores from the Jan/Feb 2011 testing window.Despite the messy wintery weather (although it’s actually Spring) today is a good day.  I have semi-new outlook on the CPA exam and life in general.  This is probably because I am not immersed into Becker textbooks and software trying to cram as much knowledge into my narrow little head as possible—at least for the time being.  Having one exam under my belt is a pretty good feeling although I now know that the clock has begun ticking for me to pass the remaining parts.  I just wanted to share with you all a few quotes that really resonate with the experience of preparing, taking, and dealing with the results of the CPA exam.  These quotes speak for themselves, and really hit home.  You don’t have to be a genius to pass the CPA exam.  This is an exam that tests your will power and your dedication.  With enough time and effort put it, a 75 is most definitely achievable!  Have a great day, and an even better Friday & weekend.  I know I won’t—I will be working through this busy tax season, late nights and Saturdays.  At least I am not a partner yet, saving me from working on Sundays as well!

Quotes of the day
Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.  ~Ralph   Waldo Emerson
Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.  ~William    Feather
Consider the postage stamp:  its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there.  ~Josh Billings
Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you   already did.  ~Newt Gingrich

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DUN DUN DUN . . . . .

Late yesterday the AICPA released a little over 9,000 scores to NASBA.  This morning, upon arriving to work, I anxiously navigated to NJ's NASBA website.  As I put in my information and clicked submit, I was shocked and scared to see that a score was posted, and that I wasn't faced with the "There are no scores available for this section" little phrase, the one I have been tormented with the past two weeks of my incessant checking.  As my luck would have it, to make the situation more suspenseful, my cursor was over the 2nd number of my score, and all I could see at first glance was a 7! .... My hands shaking, I jerked the mouse and was about to accept defeat yet again, when I saw a magical number 9. Yes, I received a 79! I am so thrilled to have FAR under my belt!  This was my third go at it and I couldn't be happier!  I've been barely able to concentrate all day, as I now keep refreshing the score page awaiting my AUD results from which I took February 1st.  Those should be out this week or next.  I am apprehensive, per usual, of my performance on the audit section, but time will tell how I did my first time around.  I keep you all posted!  After tax season I must tackle REG and BEC.  Good luck to you all! May the good scores keep on rolling!

Monday, January 3, 2011


It's been almost two months since I've last posted, and due to high demand, I'M BAAAACK!  To quickly update you all... I did not pass FAR!!!! I got my results the week before Christmas and a depressing 72! Can you believe it?  In a way its bittersweet, knowing I came so close.  But to know that I have to go through it all again, and learn IFARS is quite disheartening.  Oh well, nothing comes easy and in the end it will be most certainty worth my hard work and continued effort.  I am starting Becker Review for Audit tomorrow and have the Audit exam scheduled for Feb 19th.  I have been contemplating and seeking advise on when to retake FAR due to the new material that will be tested and my already schedule audit review and exam.  I am leaning towards taking the exam around Feb. 25th.  I think that's a Friday, and the day before my birthday.  I hope I can squeeze all of this in the next two months!  HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL :) best of luck with the CPA in 2011 and on!

I will be back, when I can manage to pry myself from my Becker Study Materials :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Friday Again!

Hello Folks---
Another week has passed us by.  Luckily I had off yesterday in honor of Veteran's Day and was able to get some quality study time in before attending the last Becker review course for Financial.  My exam is in 9 days!! Ahhh, I don't know how to react at this point, I am just praying I get through it and do not have to face everything all over again.  How is your studying coming along?  What areas are you struggling with?  I think at this point my main concerns are learning the governmental and not for profit areas of accounting.  Then I have to go back and review EVERYTHING! Since the material so quickly and easily escapes my brain when not looking at it for a day or two!  Give me some feed back ... have you taken the exam? How do feel about it? Are you about to take it?  What are your last minute cram tactics?  I can use anything!  Have a good weekend all! GOOOO COWBOYS! I will be cheering them on at the new Meadowlands Stadium this Sunday :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

T G I F ----- Sort of ??

Hello all my nonexistent followers!

16 days and counting until I sit for FAR, the second time around.  Am I feeling confident? Not quite.  Am I feeling totally lost?  Not quite.  I have good days and bad, times when I think I will be okay and times when I fear my mind will go blank.  Last night we wrapped up our 7th session with Becker and have our last two this upcoming week.  The only areas we have yet to delve into are Governmental Accounting and Not-for-Profit Accounting, woo hoo! Two of my fav's.  Anyways, I plan to stop at Starbucks on the ride home from work, get a latte, go home and change into some sweats, and hit the books!  Yes, depressing, my Friday night is actually being reduced to studying.  We will see how long my concentration can be kept.  Tomorrow is a new day, my only plans--hit the gym, study, and study.  G - S - S (GTL for all you Jersey Shore freaks!)  Have a great weekend and pray for the Dallas Cowboys to bring home their 2nd win of the season this Sunday!  

Like Ryan Seacrest, I'M OUT!